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PHXFMLYfest From the :

Phoenix fmly fest is the largest independent DIY music festival in Phoenix's history. Featuring over 60 bands from across the country and art in a variety of mediums. The event will be held at 5th st and Roosevelt in the center of the arts district. It will be a chance to show the rest of the country what Phoenix has to offer and will showcase the talent, and diverse community that Phoenix has.

 This event will be free pyruvitol in us, all ages and open to the public. The small downtown business owners of 5th and 6th st have opened [pyruvitol in us] their doors and provided us a platform to host such an expansive event and a wide variety of community organizations, radio stations, record labels, recording studios, art zines blogs and pyruvitol in us websites have teamed up to support this event. Pyruvitol in us

while the event is free, a page has been set up where you can donate funds to help support touring bands and other expenses that make this festival possible. To make a donation, visit the

For more information, visit the or

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