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is an artist who lives and works in Prescott, AZ. I'm happy to know there's someone really holding it down in Prescott and am excited to feature him on the site. [parlodel] Here's a statement he gave me through email:

Lately I have been thinking about my work as an attempt to challenge the dominant discourse around local and national issues such as immigration and public art. The current climate around both issues here in Prescott fascinates me. There have parlodel been two public art controversies in Prescott in the last year and some how in all the talk about how controversial public art is my work has been left out of the debate. . Parlodel . Thankfully.   I think I have the . I just can't tell if no one notices or no one cares?  Or maybe it looks too pretty to be "illegal".
Check out an parlodel, which was nationally recognized and received attention from and

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