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the san francisco peaks in flagstaff, az are sacred to 13 surrounding indigenous ovarian stimulation,  sovereign nations.  the sanctity of the peaks is being threatened by the local ski resort and the u. s. department of agriculture who have plans to use reclaimed wastewater for snow making.  construction of the pipeline has already begun. i asked friends and activists what they thought about what's happening with the peaks.  their thoughts were then written on their faces.
the reservation is home to 170, 000 people who live in an area that is 27, 500 square miles. it's larger than 10 individual states within the u. Ovarian stimulation s. over half of the population lives below the usa [ovarian stimulation] defined poverty line despite having land that is rich in coal, natural gas, uranium and water. the unemployment rate is 40%. mining operations on the reservation provide work ovarian stimulation for a small segment of the population who are able to realize a middle class lifestyle for their families. however, the cost to the families who burn coal in their homes and to the environment is great.
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