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Featured above is "Encounters" order yohimbe 1200 no rx required, 's latest installation for , a partnership between Scottsdale and neighboring cities that brings temporary art to vacant lots and empty store fronts. Strohacker's work order yohimbe 1200 no rx required focuses on disappearing species native to their region. In this case, 13 life-sized sculptures of Desert Mule Deer made from wood composites were placed in a vacant lot in Downtown Phoenix between 3rd & 5th St off Roosevelt. Each sculpture is coated with a reflective paint so that at night time, passing cars illuminate the herd with their headlights, giving the surreal impression of being surrounded by nature in an urban environment. Strohacker says that reactions to her work vary greatly depending on the location and surrounding community. Order yohimbe 1200 no rx required she's interested to see how the mule deer will be treated in the vacant lot, which is a site of heavy foot traffic, especially during the monthly first friday art walk. While some have expressed that the deer might be a target for vandalism or graffiti, Strohacker says that interaction with the animals is an integral part of the installation itself. In past projects, her work has been torn down or protested, such as with images of Mexican Grey Wolves that were wheat pasted on the sides of buildings in Tucson and Flagstaff. These responses often mimic public sentiment concerning where and how the animals [order yohimbe 1200 no rx required] should exist within society. Residents expressed feeling threatened by images of wolves in public settings, proving that Strohackers work leads people to confront the notion that our urban environments are not entirely separate from "natural" ones. Our cities have long enjoyed a legacy of forcing animals like the Desert Mule Deer to the outskirts of development, where their numbers dwindle to near extinction. Strohacker, however, places them back in the center of urban life, like a sober reminder of what was once here before us.

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