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noellemartinez_studio2 When I visited Noelle Martinez at her studio recently, order toprol xl cod she immediately explained to me that she's moving into a larger space by the end of the week. Order toprol xl cod From the looks of it, order toprol xl cod it couldn't come a day sooner. Order toprol xl cod She's been working endlessly on new pieces for an upcoming show, order toprol xl cod which have been stacked on top of one another after taking up what little wall space is available. Her work has found its way into quite a few galleries and storefronts in Phoenix, order toprol xl cod namely U.L.M. Order toprol xl cod Studios, order toprol xl cod The Lab 137, order toprol xl cod and Hair Pollution (formerly Way Cool Hair). Order toprol xl cod She was even a part of "The Artcade Show”, order toprol xl cod March's blowout event at Parazol Studios where 25 vintage arcade machines with artist decorated panels were available for free play. For the 23-year-old, order toprol xl cod moving studios isn't the only big change coming to her career. Order toprol xl cod This Friday, order toprol xl cod Palabra Collective is hosting "I Just Woke Up" during April's First Friday event. Order toprol xl cod Martinez considers it to be her first real solo exhibition. “I've just been in a lot of group shows, order toprol xl cod” she explains, order toprol xl cod maintaining that even though some of the aforementioned exhibitions might have been considered solo, order toprol xl cod she's internally approaching this next one with an added sense of purpose. It's another personal milestone at a time when her surroundings and plans are rapidly changing. Order toprol xl cod In the next few months, order toprol xl cod Martinez will be graduating from the arts program at Phoenix College, order toprol xl cod an important step in her transformation as a full-time artist. noellemartinez_studio The title and subject matter for the show was inspired by a traumatic event that occurred when Martinez was in the seventh grade. Order toprol xl cod Still a bit shaky on the details, order toprol xl cod a concussion landed her in the hospital and erased her short term memory for a period of time. Order toprol xl cod Upon awakening after the head injury, order toprol xl cod her family says the only words she would utter were, order toprol xl cod “I just woke up”. The experience frightened her and her family to such as extent that this phrase stuck with Martinez even until now, order toprol xl cod becoming a sort of mantra for self-realization and awareness-- both concepts that permeate the bold and colorful nature of her artwork. “It kind of became hard because I was trying to remember things that I had no idea of, order toprol xl cod and I can't go back and recreate them or try to make something out of nothing, order toprol xl cod” says Martinez. The work is filled with inferences of heavy blasts and the frightened expressions of someone who has just woken from a terrifying dream, order toprol xl cod much like panels of a Roy Lichtenstein comic strip, order toprol xl cod who she cites as an influence. “I just went off the idea of waking up . Order toprol xl cod . Order toprol xl cod waking calls . Order toprol xl cod . Order toprol xl cod . Order toprol xl cod awakenings, order toprol xl cod that moment where everything just makes sense.” With graduation looming only a few months away, order toprol xl cod Martinez admits she isn't sure what the near-term future holds, order toprol xl cod although she is looking into graduate programs. Order toprol xl cod What is for sure, order toprol xl cod however, order toprol xl cod is that exciting times lay ahead for this artist with the opening at Palabra and the transition into a new workspace. Order toprol xl cod She smiles, order toprol xl cod seemingly still in disbelief when she tells me that she quit her steady day job at a grocers to commit herself fully to art. “I'm really doing it. Order toprol xl cod I threw off my work shoes and hung them up, order toprol xl cod so I come in here every day to see them and know there's no turning back, order toprol xl cod” Martinez exclaims. She then points above me to a pair of shoes tied at the laces, order toprol xl cod hanging from the ceiling of her studio dozens of feet high in a defiant display of confidence. Order toprol xl cod From the way things are going, order toprol xl cod I don't think she'll be needing them any time soon. noellemartinez_ijustwokeup