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1. Assume people like you 2. Take a friendly lead 3. Assume you like everyone 4. Overlook annoying qualities or major bad points Here are some lessons in etiquette and friendliness from  in Tempe that I think everyone can learn from. Seriously, it's some great advice. If you want to read the full text seen in the photos, check it out after the jump. "Fred is one of the richest people I have ever met. true he does not have a hoard of money to give away. he cannot pay handsome salaries. he does not entertain lavishly or bestow costly gifts. but he overflows with order no rx ultracet the gold of sincere friendliness and gets in return a self-satisfaction and an influence and a power with people that all the money in the mint could not buy.  he does not wait to see if people like him order no rx ultracet, fred assumes they do like him, that is one of his secrets. he does not wait for them to say hello or smile first,  he takes a friendly lead himself and everyone follows. Order no rx ultracet that is another one of his secrets. he does not question whether or not he will like a person or wait before deciding to be friendly.  he takes it for granted he will like everyone, every person. this is the third secret of friendliness. he magnifies others' good points no matter how inconsequential.  he overlooks a few annoying qualities or major bad points. this is the fourth element of friendliness. friendliness is very [order no rx ultracet] contagious, the trouble is many of us wait to catch it from someone else instead of giving the other fella a chance"

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