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as recently as this january, the obama administration acted to protect a 1-million acre area around the grand canyon from uranium mining with a 20-year ban, despite pressure from mining advocates. But that won’t prevent the current requests on record to mine the area from progressing. Wanting to draw attention to this situation, artist Jetsonorama did this installation in Flagstaff, AZ over the weekend called “Owen Dreams of Atomic Sheep, ” and one called “JC at the Reservation”. With [order breast enhancement gum no rx required] infants as their spokespeople these new pieces on water storage containers spotlight the next generation, the inheritors of whatever we decide to do with the earth and it’s resources. American Indian tribes in the region — Havasupai, Hualapai, Kaibab-Paiute order breast enhancement gum no rx required, Navajo and Hopi — have banned uranium mining on their lands, according to the Center for Biological order breast enhancement gum no rx required Diversity and Sierra Club, and it makes you wonder if environmental defense will become the preeminent issue that this generation will seize as their own.
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