McCain the Coyote from GreyEyes, Navajo & Hopi Water Rights Threatened


NO! to SB2109 & HR4067

From GreyEyes’ website:

Senators Jon Kyl & McCain trying to take our water rights

Brief analysis of the Bill:

Navajo and Hopi Tribes, as agreed, would forfeit ALL rights to ALL the water from the Little Colorado River from the moment the Bill is signed into Law and until the end of time. Additionally, Navajo and Hopi Tribes would sign away ALL rights of ANY Navajo or Hopi entity starting lawsuits against any government due to any issues with the water. In exchange the US Government “promises” to build a pipe-line; however, there is no GUARANTEE the pipeline will be built leaving both Tribal citizens and residents without clean water for time immemorial (FOREVER).

Read more on the issue at the Native News Network


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