Jessica R. Metcalfe’s Native-Made “Beyond Buckskin” Blog & Boutique

Summer Peters

From Beyond Buckskin‘s press release:

Beyond Buckskin began in 2009 as a site dedicated to all things related to Native American fashion. It has steadily grown over the past two years with a dedicated readership and has developed into a one-stop site where readers can discover new designers, see images from the latest events, learn about the historical evolution of Native American clothing, and discuss critical issues in the field of fashion, especially as it pertains to cultural misappropriation by the mainstream fashion industry.

Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe runs Beyond Bucksin out of Tempe, AZ, featuring both local and international designers ranging from street wear to high fashion. She earned her PhD in American Indian Studies and is reworking her dissertation on Native American designers into a book. Andrea Preston (Navajo), Summer Peters (Ojibwe), and the Navajo brother/sister duo TSOul are three Phoenix-based designers found on the site.

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