Italian Artists Pixel Pancho & 2501 Visit the Navajo Nation for The Painted Desert Project

pixel pancho x 2501 st redhouse stand from James Q Martin Media on Vimeo.

Photos by Q & Chip Thomas

The Painted Desert Project continues with new additions from Italian artists Pixel Pancho and 2501. Here are some initial photos of their work on the Navajo Reservation. Luckily they got there safely after running into some trouble due to Hurricane Sandy upon entering the states, and then narrowly escaping a fallen tree branch that crushed their taxi.

Some background on the project . . .

In the remote landscapes of Northeastern Arizona, international and local artists alike have come together for an ambitious endeavor dubbed, “The Painted Desert Project”. Organized by AZ-based Jetsonorama and Yote, it aims to put the spotlight on a region and people too often overlooked and misunderstood. By painting murals on food stands and dilapidated structures around the reservation, the farthest of which span 125 miles, they hope the millions of tourists visiting the Grand Canyon each year will be encouraged to stop and enjoy what Navajo culture has to offer. Artists involved in the project include Jetsonorama, Yote, Thomas “Breeze”, Tom Greyeyes, Overunder, Doodles, Gaia, Labrona, ROA, JB Snyder, Pixel Pancho, 2501, and more.

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