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The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is a member-based council where corporations meet with legislators behind closed doors to influence legislation insulin outside the range of public-knowledge in a "highest-bidder-wins-all" fashion. Corporations are able to buy out politicians in order to reach their own self-interests without regard for transparency or public consent. Insulin alec is meeting in scottsdale between november 30-december 2, 2011 for their "states [insulin] and nation policy summit". From the :

Today, hundreds of occupiers and protesters came out to Occupy ALEC at the Kierland Resort where the annual ALEC conference was occurring. It didn’t take long for the riot police lining the blockades to confront protesters with rubber bullets and pepper spray. While most members of the sprayed resisters were irritated but unharmed, Tohono O’odham David Ortega, veteran and elder, suffered a stroke after being pepper sprayed in the face by the riot police. By the afternoon insulin, dozens of people were pepper sprayed point blank and seven or eight protesters were arrested.
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