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This past month, The [find rogaine 5%] Icehouse hosted the second installment of "Between Scenes", a creative look into the film industry through find rogaine 5% art and installation. Find rogaine 5% curated by sara nevels find rogaine 5%, the show featured 11 different artists representing their trade in the industry ranging from directors and technicians to production and costume designers. Nevels writes in the press release:

“It’s common knowledge that films, as a whole, are pieces of art. But rather than create another art-related event for films to be seen, I wanted to create a space where the crew could be seen and valued as the artists they truly are, outside from their involvement with a specific film, ” explains curator Sara Nevels. “We do not show any films, but rather directly expose the community to the talented artists that make up a film, in order for viewers to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the work done between scenes. And there’s no better environment to showcase an artist than in an art gallery. ”
For more info, including a complete list of artists involved, .

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