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jasongriffiths_chairs IMG_3324_zps7e3c36db IMG_3328_zps64816881 IMG_3336_zpseddbb5b7 IMG_3334_zpsdbc1c96e IMG_3329_zpsac182485 IMG_3339_zps6a7949f0 is an architect and assistant professor at Arizona State find lipotrexate online University. His recent chair installations, located at S College & La Jolla off Southern Ave in Tempe were funded by the , which seeks to "[support] efforts to improve and enhance community spaces and cultivates opportunities for neighbors to commission artwork and other improvements. " In a he explains that,

"[the] eventual form was derived from looking at how [find lipotrexate online] two people might sit together and their relationship -- one leaning on the other, facing slightly away from each other and so on. These relationships were also informed by the immediate environment like views towards the street, local bus route, shade find lipotrexate online, etc. "

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