Erin Gramzinski Photographs AZ Non-Profit Performing Free Medical Care in Honduras









Photos by Erin Gramzinski

AZ Visionaries is a donor-driven, strictly volunteer non-profit of nurses, doctors, and technicians who perform cataract surgery and eyeglass fittings in the United States and abroad. Recently, they embarked on their fourth trip to Honduras to work in a clinic outside the municipality of El Progresso, where they spent two days performing cataract surgery on patients, most of whom were suffering from near blindness. Cataracts is a treatable condition and although quality medical care is available in the country, many people can not afford it.

Erin Gramzinski was invited to document the trip through photos and also a video to help fundraising. He describes his experience in a statement:

Being a photographer/videographer, I’m totally familiar with people acting completely different the second a lens is pointed at them. Here in the US we are accustomed to always trying to put on a happy face, or to look as attractive as possible whenever a camera is pointed at us. It often takes quite a bit of time with a photographer and the subject before they start feeling comfortable. It’s only after that has happened that you finally start getting shots of who that person really is with their natural expressions. In Honduras, it was completely the opposite. Patients would look at me when I was pointing the lens at them, and it was like they were looking though me. Such strength and power in those gazes!

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