Douglas Miles’ =APACHERIA= at Por Vida

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Images from =APACHERIA=, Douglas Miles‘ show at Por Vida Gallery on March 2nd, 2012.

From the =Apacheria= press release:

The Apache people (along with numerous other tribes) have long been in the southwest regions of current day Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Northern Mexico and were also the last of the Native tribes to resist capture and surrender. During the wars against the Apaches led by the U.S. and Mexican Governments in the late 1800s, parts of the American Southwest inhabited by Apache people were simply known as “Apacheria”.

Douglas Miles is a prolific artist coming from the San Carlos Apache Nation just east of Globe, Arizona. Miles has always been making art but has also been productive in creating forums for the 21st century Native American voice which states “we are not a novelty”. There is still a lot of bad stereotyped western and “native” art with a soft and fictionally romanticized look to it. “Apacheria” will definitely not contain any “Pocahontas” women or “Mystic Medicine Men” in it

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