Christian Filardo, Chet Lawton, & Caroline Battle Open the Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA)









The Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) was founded in 2012 by Christian Filardo, Chet Lawton, and Caroline Battle in the backyard of Filardo’s parents’ house. In a DIY, against the norm fashion that permeates any project Filardo touches, TMOCA flies in the face of museum stereotypes while adorning itself with a name enjoyed by modern art institutions around the world.

The project was funded by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual “Good ‘N Plenty” grant, which awarded Filardo with $1,100 to put towards the museum.

The Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art will be a local, volunteer-run visual and performing arts space occupying two large sheds in Filardo’s backyard. Along with Chet Lawton, the two presented floor plans, enthusiasm, and a conceptual richness unparalleled. The GOOD ‘N PLENTY funding will enable TMoCA to take form, encouraging a DIY culture and helping to inspire artists to create their own spaces. Basically SMoCA is funding the birth of TMoCA.

Their opening exhibit, “Grand Total” was held on January, 25th during Final Fridays and featured work from all three founders. You can view images from the opening and stay up to date on future shows at TMoCA’s blog.

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