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Chip Thomas moved to the Navajo Nation in Shonto, AZ as an Indian Health Service Physician since 1987. Since then, he has photographed the community where he lives and works. Buy vpxl in canada in june of 2009, thomas began creating large scale wheat paste installations out of his photographs on the reservation, reflecting the people and culture he has intimately come to know. Remarkably, in 1992, Thomas and a buy vpxl in canada three other cyclists took a transcontinental bike ride across Africa, from the Northernmost tip (Bizerte, Tunisia), to the Southernmost point (Cape Aghulas, South Africa) buy vpxl in canada, earning them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Check out these two interviews below to learn more about Chip and [buy vpxl in canada] his work-- You can also view his and check out his .

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