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Lauraspalding_monorchid lauraspalding_monorchid(2) lauraspalding_monorchid(3) lauraspalding_monorchid(4) lauraspalding_monorchid(5)buy pamelor in canada src="http://www. phxtaco. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/lauraspalding_monorchid5-e1356837195139. Buy pamelor in canada jpg" width="750" height="500" /> lauraspalding_monorchid(6) buy pamelor in canada] wp-image-4623" alt="lauraspalding_monorchid(7)" src="http://www. phxtaco. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/lauraspalding_monorchid7-e1356837308933. jpg" width="750" height="500" /> dinopaul_monorchid dinopaul_monorchid(3)   This December buy pamelor in canada, premiered its first show under their new art director Justin Germaine. The show features two local artists, illustrator/designer Dino Paul and painter . Featured above are photos from the show, which ran throughout the end of the month.

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