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Buy hydrea photos by For February's First Friday event, hosted "The Artcade Show", a unique exhibit that featured over 25 classic video arcade games painted by local artists. Organized by promoter Nico Paredes and Ariel Bracamonte, the event gave a preview into "Artcade Bar", Phoenix's first barcade. The location has yet to be announced, but you can stay up to date by checking facebook page. Artists involved include Ron Pete, Lalo Cota, [buy hydrea] El Mac, Ashley Macias, Dumperfoo, Pablo Luna, Bigie Meanmugg, Mando Rascon, Mikey Jackson, Yai, buy hydrea Josh Rhodes, Noelle Martinez, JB Snyder, Spencer Hibert, Matt Minjares, Angel Diaz, Sakoia, Victor Vasquez, Chris Rupp, Luis Keys, Sierra Joy buy hydrea, Bobby CastaƱeda, Breeze, JJ Horner, Emmett Potter III, Kristin Bauer, Milki and Colton Brock.

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