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UPDATE: The "Derechos Humanos" mural has recently been removed, less than three months after it was originally put up. Here's a message from 's facebook as to why:

In DEC. 2011, in the predominately Latino neighborhood of Garfield, a motivated collection of neighbors, community thinkers, and artists gathered to activate a space of urban blight with ecology, art, and community. Mural art was created by DOSE which read 'Derechos Humanos', human rights in Spanish. desert ArtLAB orchestrated a mass planting of cacti creating a living land installation to symbolize a sustainable relationship with desert ecology and food practice. Hood Ride, Phonetic Spit, Nestor Bravo, and Phoenix Youth Hostel [buy hoodia cod] were also all collaborators and artistic producers. It has been brought to our attention a few land-owners in the neighborhood became offended by the mural art and its message. Although the owner the fence gave permission to paint the project, DOSE's mural art has been removed from the community. Buy hoodia cod we've learned many are against art which attempts to recognize truths of buy hoodia cod the social, political buy hoodia cod, and ecological realities facing arizona communities. The removal of the mural art symbolizes the significance of the project's message. It was a privilege to work with such a talented and committed group.
Previously located at Roosevelt & 9th St.

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