Artsy Unaffordable Lofts ~ Roosevelt Row

A $52 million dollar apartment complex is being constructed at Roosevelt & 3rd St to serve Downtown ASU students and the surrounding community. Obviously, not everyone is happy about it.

Click here to read an article on the apartment complex

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2 Responses to “Artsy Unaffordable Lofts ~ Roosevelt Row”

  1. The Sonoran Says:

    If they’re being built for ASU students, I’m not sure how they could be considered unaffordable. Unless they’re from CA, most students will live wherever rent is the cheapest.

  2. Candace Says:

    I love downtown Phoenix and I know the downtown community wants more action/progress/profitability down there but I really do worry about the “flavor” of downtown once U of A has their medical center where the Valley of the Sunflowers is now, etc. What will happen to the small businesses and galleries that have made the downtown area so vital and unique when all this big business rolls in? Downtown sucked a few years ago, now it’s fun and interesting. What will it be in a few years? Just another big city’s downtown?

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