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Noelle Martinez’s U.L.M. Studios Mural and 1986 Project Video

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

On U.L.M. Studios at 3rd St & McKinley

My Aesthetic: Noelle Martinez from A 1986 Project TEAM on Vimeo.

Visit Noelle Martinez’s blog to view more of her work

Isaac Caruso’s Pool Shark

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012


Isaac Caruso


Yote ~ Spotlight

Monday, November 26th, 2012



“Save the Confluence”, An Effort to Protect the Grand Canyon’s East Rim from Development

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

From Yote’s website:

The Navajo group “Save the Confluence” are opposed to the development of the Grand Canyon Escalade project at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. This video explains why this area is sacred and should be preserved in its natural state.

Photo by Maria Del Rio

From Maria Del Rio’s website:

While driving through the Painted Desert in AZ we saw people painting in the desert and stopped to find out what was going on. Afterall the whole theme of the roadtrip was adventure and about the people we met along the way.

Grassroots organizers were painting a mural to raise awareness of a struggle currently occurring between the Navajo Nation, developers, and the people that live on and around the Confluence. The Confluence is a stretch of land that runs along the Grand Canyon East at the Colorado River where there are plans underway to build a resort, river walk, and tramway (“Grand Canyon Escalade”) through a sacred piece of land where Navajo families have lived and used for generations. Development and tourism means more money but threatens the land and does not hold the people that live on the land’s best interest in mind.

Thomas GreyEyes on the San Carlos Apache Reservation

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Thomas GreyEyes

Griffin One’s “Behind the Looking Glass” and Mural Promoting California’s GMO Labeling Initiative ~ Oakland

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Sean Griffin, a.k.a. Griffin One was involved in GraffHopper Film‘s “Behind the Looking Glass”, a mini-documentary and spotlight on a mural in Oakland done by Griffin One, Earnest Doty, and Eon75. I’m happy to showcase some of the more recent work Griffin One has been up to since making the move from Phoenix to Oakland.

Griffin One was also part of a recent project to raise awareness of Prop 37, California’s ballot initiative that would have required labeling of consumer products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The mural was created in collaboration between Griffin One, Mear One, Vyal One, Werc, and Ernest Doty. Unfortunately, Prop 37 was defeated, thanks in part to an influx of out-of-state money opposing the initiative. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see Griffin One and the other artists using their talents to spread a wider message.

Furious Styles Crew’s 19th Year Anniversary ~ CYPHER Center for the Urban Arts

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012


All photos by Vinicio Estrada Photography

Earlier this month, Furious Styles Crew celebrated their 19th year anniversary with a four day blow out. Above are photos from an event that took place at Cyphers Center for the Urban Arts on Saturday, November 10th that featured live painting and b-boy battles.

Truck Farm Phoenix at the Roosevelt Growhouse

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

From Truck Farm Phoenix’s facebook page:

Truck Farm was born in Brooklyn, NY in the spring of 2009, when Ian Cheney set out to plant a vegetable garden in the bed of his grandfather’s 1986 Dodge pick-up truck. The mobile garden project soon grew: Ian and collaborator Curt Ellis (co-creators of “King Corn”) took the public art project on the road, exhibiting Truck Farm at 40 schools and on the National Mall in DC. Their Truck Farm Garden Contest, judged by food celebrities Alice Waters, Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle, inspired 65 student groups to plant creative farms of their own.

Phoenix is proud to say that we are one of them. Truck Farm Phoenix was launched in the fall of 2011 and has been sewing the seeds of knowledge at schools and youth organizations across the valley, teaching kids how fun farming and healthy food can be, engaging them in thinking about where food comes from and getting them excited about growing food themselves.

On the days when the Truck Farm is stationary, you can find it at the Roosevelt Growhouse

“Decipher”, Featuring the Artwork of Breeze With Photography by Niba DelCastillo, This Friday at First Studios

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

From the press release:

“Decipher is the exhibition that will focus on Thomas “Breeze” Marcus’ visual insights to large aerosol painting. These good-sized panels show magnified line work that feel like they were cut out of a larger mural and placed in this space. The new images from Breeze originate from graffiti, a world that has heavily influenced his artwork for over 15 years. Also, utilizing an inert traditional foundation Breeze’s interwoven forms closely resemble Native American (Tohono and Akimel O’odham) basket weaving. This combination profoundly impacts his style showing that he is amongst the distinguished muralists in Phoenix.

What is interesting about this body of work is the endless variety of designs. Slightly recognizable as letters yet not intentional, the organic layering of the lines gives a sense of perpetual movement. That energy, then, is illuminated with spray paint. The rich color selection amplifies the atmosphere within the black line. Here, Breeze gives the viewer a glimpse into infinity by “making something out of nothing”.

( . . . )

Niba DelCastillo is a photographer from Tucson that Breeze invited to participate in Decipher. He will portray a dozen pieces that document outdoor public murals and graffiti in Phoenix. These photographs will show the importance of these large-scale paintings and their relation to the community. Visual education better defines the artists and their murals creating a better understanding of our culture.

-Ken Richardson

Visit Breeze’s blog for more info

First Studios

Colton Brock & Breeze’s New Mural on the Tempe Farmer’s Market

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Farmer Ave & University

Colton Brock and Thomas “Breeze” Marcus gave a facelift to Brock’s original mural on the side of the Tempe Farmer’s Market after it was vandalized a few weeks ago.