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Phoenix Taco » 2012 » January

“KAPER” Big Bad Red, Grand Opening of Por Vida Gallery ~ First Friday

Checkout the facebook event page for more info

Griffin’s Water By Design ~ Scottsdale

Griffin One‘s mural on the Citizen Public House in Scottsdale.

Griffin One from Howard Kan on Vimeo.

Griffin One paintling live at King Kong in Los Angeles, California

Felix Lighting tour bus PT2 from Howard Kan on Vimeo.

A collaboration between Griffin One & Hans Haveron

Also, check out a recent interview with Griffin One from TheDoLab.com

UPDATE: Cota’s Stereo ~ Roosevelt Row

Photo by Dawud Austin

Photo by Niba

Update: Lalo Cota came back recently and added finishing touches to his stereo off Roosevelt Row in Central that he originally did in early 2011. It’s cool when artists revamp their work. In a city that’s always changing, it’s only appropriate for the murals to change with it.

Roosevelt & 3rd St.

Nomas ~ Central

Scott Bowen Lo-Fi Prints ~ This Friday, B-Side Gallery, Tempe

Breeze’s Phoenix Rising ~ Central

Photo by Niba

From Breeze’s website:

This Phoenix bird represents the everyday people who live, work and just try to get by each day with the struggles of just being themselves. Its a symbol of strength that says consciously “RISE ABOVE” or elevate our own minds with knowledge, wisdom, focus and respect. Its meant to be all of us connected to one another, representing unification, beauty and love as a community and people, no matter what our background.

According to many, Breeze’s new work is the first large-scale mural in Downtown Phoenix since Keith Haring’s in 1986. If that’s case, it’s long overdue.

On the side of Cartel Coffee Lab at 1st Street between Washington & Adams

TAFK ~ Tempe

Spike Lee Speaks at ASU ~ Tempe, Jan. 25th

Justa Homeless Center ~ 10th Ave & Washington

Justa Homeless Center

Funky Time ~ PAX